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There's no need to go south to ride horseback on the beaches or go deep into the woods of Wyoming for a scenic ride. You can do all that and more in Worcester County, Maryland. Home to pristine wilderness, open meadows and preserved beaches, it's no wonder why equestrian enthusiasts flock to the region to indulge in their favorite outdoor activities on horseback. This guide will lead you to the best trails, stables and supply shops in the area. Here are the best equestrian options in Worcester County.

Worcester County, Maryland, is a haven for nature enthusiasts and is home to beautiful beaches, wineries, protected state parks and rivers. Once the leaves begin to change into brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow, visitors can explore the area or attend many fall festivals while admiring the beautiful autumn atmosphere. From canoeing down the Pocomoke River, to watching a yellow-throated warbler, to dancing along to country music, here are some the top things to do in the fall in Worcester County along Maryland's beaches.

Situated in the easternmost region of Maryland on the Atlantic coastline, Assateague Island is a 37-mile long strip of natural paradise that's located mostly within Maryland, though it does extend into Virginia.

Worcester County is situated in the easternmost part of Maryland and is home to beautiful beaches that attract millions of tourists from around the world. But there's more to Worcester County than its beaches-it's also home to a handful of the most charming small towns you'll find in America.

If you find yourself longing to take in the arts, Worcester County, Maryland, is a worthwhile place to visit. The county is home to some of Maryland's best beaches, as well as a number of notable, charming small towns that house art galleries and performing arts centers. Here are seven of best places for art enthusiasts to explore in Worcester County.

Ten miles of beautiful beaches and a bustling boardwalk make Ocean City, in Worcester County, Maryland a favorite family vacation area.

Home to romping Assateague wild horses, pristine beaches and mouth-watering seafood menus, it's no wonder why so many out-of-towners flock to Worcester County annually. Snow Hill, just a short drive from the beach, is a charming riverfront town with a population of only 2,100 residents and rich with historic architecture.

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