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3 Things Travelers Love About Worcester County: Boardwalks, Beaches, and Berlin

Home to pristine beaches with dunes, wild horses, and Victorian architecture, Worcester County used to be one of the best-kept secrets in Maryland. And while it remains an undiscovered getaway for many people, magazines and notable travel writers have been singing Worcester County's praises for years as an idyllic getaway destination as an alternative to Virginia and Delaware beaches or the Jersey Shore.

Located on the easternmost shore of Maryland, Worcester County is a combination of relaxing towns with charming main streets, gorgeous beaches, farmlands and its busiest city - Ocean City. Writers and travelers love to talk about this destination, declaring it the best of this and the coolest of that. Here are a few of the things they love to say about Worcester County, Maryland.

"One of the best beaches for camping..."
Best beaches for camping!Assateague Island is a 37-mile long island strip along the coast that is famous for its feral horses that roam freely. Travel Channel named the island as one of the best beaches for camping since the area is largely protected and has several designated campsites. Travel Channel cited Assateague Island's easy access to clean water, restrooms, picnic tables, showers, grills and hiking trails as prime reasons why it made the list. Campers can collect up to 1 gallon full of gorgeous seashells that wash up on shore and catch a glimpse of the wild horses. Frommer's also ranked Assateague Island in the top 100 places to take the kids before they grow up. The wild horses are among the best wildlife herds to see in the county. Coastal Living Magazine named the island one of the top 21 best beaches in the country, since guests can go clamming, surf fishing and crabbing.

"One of the top 10 U.S. boardwalks..."
BoardwalkApproximately 16 minutes north of Assateague Island is Worcester County's most well-known city, Ocean City. The city sees more than 8 million visitors annually and is known for its famous historic boardwalk that stretches for three miles. National Geographic listed Ocean City Boardwalk among the top 10 U.S. Boardwalks, taking note of its antique rides, shipwreck museum, and the famous Thrashers French Fries (doused with vinegar instead of ketchup). With a stroll along the boardwalk, travelers will enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean while admiring the historic architecture of restaurants, hotels and shops. Budget Travel also ranked Ocean City as one of America's most awesome boardwalks, praising its amusement park for having two big Ferris wheels, roller coasters, water rides and go karts with the Atlantic Ocean as the backdrop. There's no need to pack lunch in a cooler when visiting the beach, Ocean City Boardwalk is known for having quite a food scene that received worldwide recognition from the press. Food & Wine Magazine included the boardwalk in its designated top 10 best boardwalk foods article, citing its Thrashers Fries to be one-of-a-kind and a favorite. The article praised the restaurant, Mugs & Mallet on the boardwalk for its Maryland blue crabs and Fractured Prune restaurant for its Black Forest dessert—a hand-dipped donut with a combination of raspberry, coconut and chocolate chip flavors. Coastal Living Magazine returned its attention to Worcester County, hailing the area for having one of the top 10 great coastal boardwalks in the country.

"The coolest small towns in America..."
BerlinAbout 18 miles west from Ocean City lies the charming town of Berlin with a population of only 4,485. Despite the small number of residents, Berlin has earned a reputation of having a hip atmosphere. Budget Travel named Berlin the coolest small town in America due to its cool appeal while maintaining its small-town charm. Bathtub races, Fiddlers Convention, and Victorian Christmas celebrations are considered normal traditions in Berlin. The town is home to the hip Burley Oak Brewery that specializes in craft beers and operates as a popular hangout spot with weekly live music. However, Berlin's well-preserved Victorian and 20th century architecture and its stellar collection of one-of-a-kind boutiques and shops attract visitors to come back year after year. Women's Day Magazine, Good Housekeeping Magazine, and Country Living Magazine have all declared Berlin to be one of the most beautiful towns in America. A stroll through the historic district will instantly let you know why.

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