Ocean City

Ten miles of dazzling, white-sand beaches welcome sunbathers, joggers and beach lovers to the resort town of Ocean City year-round.

Surfers can catch waves at any beaches before 10am but between Memorial Day and Labor Day after 10am surfers must go to the desginated beach which rotates through town. Find out more at: http://oceancitysurfreport.com

Cyclists cruise the Boardwalk in the early morning. In the evening, the Boardwalk comes to life as visitors stream into specialty shops, amusement parks, arcades and restaurants.

Fishing enthusiasts can fish for blue and white marlin, shark and tuna in the waters off the coast. Sailors, water skiers, parasailors, kayakers and windsurfers can perfect their technique in the bay waters. Those with a more romantic bent can opt for a sunset cruise on a private sailboat.


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