About Our Scenic Trails

The county is a delight to explore. Numerous villages are interspersed among 13,000 acres of state forest, offering outstanding natural beauty and hidden treasures. As you travel the back roads, you will come across small villages with origins traceable to the early settlers and their enterprises. Worcester County nature trails are part of a regional greenway system connecting parks, forests, and beaches. Greenways provide habitat and passageways for wildlife, buffers for fragile waterways and outdoor recreation areas for people. These trails are easily accessible, and they are not generally difficult or exceptionally long. They are hiker-friendly for all ages.

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Bishopville was the center of a rich agricultural area famed for its yield of strawberries. Whaleyville is one of only five towns still bearing the name of its founder, Captain Peter Whaley, a ship owner, seagoing sailor and county leader. Girdletree was celebrated for its crop of cultivated oysters, and its name comes from the girdling of a beech tree when it was removed to build a home. Public Landing was an active shipping center for timber, shingles and farm produce. Stockton was a gathering point for cattle being herded north and also had a saw mill, gristmill, cannery and seafood businesses. Newark, surrounded by forest, was a thriving lumber and timber community.

Here are a few simple things to keep in mind before you hit the trail:
  • Wear hiking shoes.

  • Wear insect repellent in warm weather.

  • Bring back all litter for disposal.

  • Some trails have a brochure available for you to use. Ask at trail headquarters.

  • Take your time, and look carefully - you may be surprised by what you see!